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Active electrical grids, gas & water networks  simulation

PSS-SINCAL Siemens workshop


ENEA Casaccia Research Centre 2014-10-07

   PSS-SINCAL Siemens workshop


Modernization of urban networks is a big long term challenge, for social, economical and technical reasons and  it is  far away to be realised.  An  extensive use of models at adequate level of granularity is needed to  support such a modernization process.  

A methodology,  models and their results are on going for the  the modernization of the urban networks of the city of Catania, within the MIUR funded research project SINERGREEN,  as a mean to  evaluate and optimize the efficiency of a Medium Voltage/Low Voltage (MV/LV) smart grid  interdependent with  water and gas networks.

Particularly, planning and operational models of each physical networks and its SCADA, which represent the nervous system of each network, are being built and validated. PSS-SINCAL domain simulators are used to faithfully represent the physical networks, while transversal simulators,  which may represent within  the same formalism, different physical networks and their SCADAs, are used to  more easily model networks’  interdependencies.

A four days workshop on modeling active electrical grids, gas & water networks and their external interfaces on PSS-SINCAL domain simulators has been held by Siemens at ENEA CR Casaccia.