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S.R.S. project ( SINERGREEN – RES NOVAE – SEM ) is configured as a convergence of three project proposals denoted as “subsystems”, according to the indications reported in MIUR annotations Prot. 8546 (RES NOVAE), Prot. 8547 (SINERGREEN) and Prot. 8548 (SEM) of November 14th 2012, which have as subject “Integrated executive project E – Renewable energy and smart grid (Res Novae – Sinergreen – Smart Energy Master) – Technical specifications communication”. The integration of the three subsystems is given from their complementary nature and does not modify in any way the functional autonomy and the consistency of both research and experimental development objectives described in every source project. These projects are left distinct, but are united by a common goal i.e. to develop technological and operational smart in the energetic area. 

The integrated S.R.S. project foresees the coexistence of three subsystems which have the same sustainability objectives in terms of: increasing energy efficiency, reduction of the gas emissions altering the climate, distribution of new value-added services and global improvement of the quality of life. These objectives are fixed by regional and municipal plans, and in particular by the Action Plan for the sustainable energy (PAES). In order to be pursued, they require a urban context in which the infrastructures, and in particular energetic systems and ICT infrastructures, are able to provide “awareness” of the system state and its critical components, the ability to evolve, and rapid adaptability to external changing conditions through integrated and interconnected solutions.

The sub-systems ( SINERGREEN – RES NOVAE – SEM ) foresee experimental tests on different local systems: the first one involves the Municipality of Catania on public buildings, industrial sites and rural areas; the second one is applied in two populous urban areas such as Cosenza and Bari; the third one is validated in the provinces of Benevento and Caserta, and in the Municipality of Eboli.