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The technical coordination of SINERGREEN project is carried out by a Project Board consisting of four members i.e. the Project Managers of SINERGRID and SMARGREEN projects, a President and a Coordinator; the last two members are respectively appointed by Cofely and Selex ES. The project board:   

  • guarantees the global management of the project;
  • ensures that all the formal aspects are fulfilled (e.g. Deliverables / Reporting towards the MIUR, management of financial, legal and contractual issues);
  • guarantees that the project meets objectives and outcomes defined in the contract;
  • guarantees relationships and communications among co-proponents and the agency providing funds (MIUR);
  • guarantees an efficient information and communication flow within the project among the working groups;
  • supervises, with the support of PMs, the activities progress by meeting deadlines and costs as planned in the project.

 Project Board

The project management structure foresees the establishment of a Project Board consisting of a President selected by Cofely SpA, a coordinator-contact person for MIUR relations who is jointly indicated by Selex ES and the Project Managers selected by co-proponents of SINERGRID and SMARGREEN sub-systems (SMART & GREEN ENERGY).