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The organization: The Compunet Ltd is the parent company of a number of companies located in Catania and includes also other production/commercial sites located in the national territory. The Group has over twenty years experiencein IT and Facility Management sectors in the following areas of PA market: digital printing, Smart Card, ICT, Smart Metering and E-government. In the ICT area the focus is on global service solutions dedicated to Municipal Police Forces, tax collection agencies and development of specific e-government platforms which are also used to provide a technical-administrative advise to Public Administrations.

Role in the project: The expertise for this project is related to activities in Smart Metering and e-government sectors. In the Smart Metering sector of utilities such as water/gas, the services - which are also provided in Project Financing mode - are based on technological solutions validated and tested by national companies; some utilities available on the national territory have been regulated by a contract. In the e-government sector, specific application platforms have been developed to meet specific requirements of particular Regional Administration branches and for some Italian universities.

Interest in the results of the project: With its participation in the project, the Compunet Group aims to increase its competitiveness thanks to:

  • development of innovative prototypes for remote reading-monitoring that overcome the critical issues of the equipments currently on the market, both in terms of sensors and power supply; the prototypes are designed both for measurement of consumption and for monitoring of production plants using Renewable Energetic Sources;
  • implementation of an innovative prototype of a SAC platform (centralized capture system) to capture and manage data collected through remote reading-monitoring systems;
  • implementation of an innovative prototype of a CdS platform (telematic conference of services) as a useful support for administrative decisions of public authorities involved in the project (Regional Department of Energy and Municipality of Catania).

Contacts: Dr. Roberto Mazzullo, Dr. Claudio Biondi, Dr. Giuseppe Mammana.