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The organization: COGIPower is the business unit specialized in “Renewable Energies” of the Cogip Group, one of the national leaders in business sectors such as majors public works, general contracting and renewable energies.

COGIPower was founded in 2010, became operative at the beginning of 2011 and its immediate growth was focused on photovoltaic and solar energy.

Nowadays COGIPower is considered one the most dynamic nationwide energy companies. It is facing a diversification in several business areas such as wind energy, concentrated photovoltaic systems and biomasses, to achive the markets internationalization in synergy with the overall strategies of the Group.

Role in the project:The objective related to the participation in this project, is to improve the availability of its photovoltaic production which currently is equal to 53 MWp (of which 49 MWp in Sicily). 

Interest in the results of the project: COGIPower aims to increase efficiency, and hence profitability of its production, but also to gain know-how on design and management of new installations aiming at achieving the grid parity, i.e. the point in which the energy produced by alternative methods will be priced as traditional electric energy production is. A mine of green energy.

Contact: Dr. Ivan Niosi.