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The organization: ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), with the Technical Unit for Energy and Environmental Modeling (UTMEA) and the Technical Unit for Energy Efficiency (UTEE).
UTMEA is the ENEA technical unit that supports innovations in environmental management and development of technologies for sustainable economic development.

UTMEA research activities include modeling and analysis of interdependencies between critical infrastructures with specific reference to power grids and ICT, industrial control systems, degradation of services provided to users when adverse events occur (e.g. cyber attacks), methods for risk analysis, modeling and observation of the climate system on a regional scale, elaboration of energy strategies and development of new technologies for adapting infrastructures and human activities to environmental changes.

UTEE unit develops methodologies for energy saving monitoring oriented to energy analysis of buildings, planning and environmental energy assessment, technologies and tools for an efficient management of energy systems in the active networks context.

Role in the project: ENEA research activities for this project are related to the identification and modeling of requirements on scenarios and technological networks, their simulation, and also the integration of Smart Environment and technological infrastructures related aspects.

Interest in the results of the project: ENEA has the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with large enterprise and SMEs in the region:

  • it can profit from the technology suppliers network of the companies participating in the project;
  • it has the opportunity to test the outcomes of the research carried out, using also permanent demonstrators developed during the project.

Contacts: Ing. Michele Minichino.