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The organization: with the Departments of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (DIEEI), Industrial Engineering (DII) and Economics and Business (E&I).

DIEEI includes scientific-disciplinary fields related to Electrical Engineering, Converters, Electrical Systems, Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields, Telecommunications, Automation, systems for information processing, Electrical and Electronic measurements.

DII includes competences related to Energy area and environmental sustainability. E&I covers disciplines related to Economics, Business Management, Mathematics, Statistics and Economic Law.

These three departments operate in an international context and represent for the territory of south-eastern Sicily, the reference point for the requests of scientific skills in disciplines such as computer and industrial engineering, as well as economics and business management to support innovation processes and technology transfer.

Role in the project: the University of Catania aims to provide its contribution on:

  • definition of smart environment and architectural scenarios, components of the Sinergrid system;
  • design of macroeconomic scenarios about the dependencies between the electricity grid and other technological grids (e.g. water mains, gas) both in normal conditions and critical conditions;
  • aspects related to environmental impact;
  • adoptable ICT applications.

Interest in the results of the project: UNICT has the opportunity to strengthen the already existing relationships with large enterprise and SMEs in the region and can also profit from the technology suppliers network of companies participating in the project. UNICIT has the opportunity to test the outcomes of the research carried out, using also permanent demonstrators developed during the project.

Contact: Prof. Aurelio La Corte