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The organization: Selex ES, a  Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defence systems, aerospace, data, infrastructures, land security and protection and sustainable ’smart’ solutions. It is specialized in design and development of systems, products, solutions and hi-tech services for the following business areas: automation, technology, logistics and mobility, security, avionics and defence systems.

Selex ES has a consolidated experience in providing ICT solutions and services; it develops and commercializes a wide range of ICT solutions in all operational sectors of the main market segments, including the one dedicated to Utilities (power, water and gas).

Role in the project: Thanks to its participation in the Project, Selex ES will be able to gain skills for the management of virtual micro-grids which allow to optimize, from the economic point of view, the consumption of a set of geographically distributed sites, connected by a distributed non-proprietary network. Those skills will be applied, in the short-term, to a wide range of contexts.

Furthermore, acquired skills will be a prerequisite for the implementation of systems designed for managing and monitoring physical micro-grids equipped with a distributed proprietary network, and applicable either to new urbanization areas or to areas with a limited territorial extension and a considerable energy consumption.

These micro-grids can operate both in isolation and connected to a network, so that they will be able to support the stability of the external network (through its detachment, reduction of loads or provision of energy) thus addressing needs which will be increasingly exposed to markets attention as consequence of the “Smart Grids” diffusion.

Interest in the results of the project: The company aims to:

  • gain the opportunity to increase its systems skills in the Smart Grid area;
  • increase its know-how in the design of systems powered by solar energy;
  • evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of plants integrated with a system dedicated to energy storage;
  • equip itself with permanent “demonstrators” which can be used as a reference towards the market;
  • have the possibility, by financing the industrial research carried out during the project, to upgrade its portfolio adding new products and solutions;
  • propose, at the end of the project, modifications to existing regulations aiming to a greater openness of the electricity market and, primarily, to an incentive plandedicated to energetic micro storage as support of smart grids;
  • optimize, from the economic point of view,  the consumptions of a virtual micro-grid: a system composed by a set of geographically distributed loads/generators interconnected by a non-proprietary network;
  • acquire preparatory skills for the implementation of systems designed for managing and monitoring physical micro-grids: systems composed by generators/loads interconnected by a proprietary distribution network and connected to the distribution network through a unique interface. This interface allows, in case of breakdowns or other critical situations, to disconnect the micro-network from the public distribution system (isolated operation).

Contacts: Dr. Giovanni Trombetta, Ing. Giuseppe Martufi, Ing. Fabio Russo.