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The SINERGREEN project is configured as the convergence of two proposals: SINERGRID (Smart Intelligent Energy Community Grid) and Smart & Green Energy, according to indications received by the evaluation committee appointed by the MIUR.

SINERGRID - Smart Intelligent Energy Community Grid

Main research area: Renewable energy and smart grid. 

Secondary research areas: Energy Efficiency and low carbon technologies; smart mobility and last-mile logistic.

SINERGRID aims to design and implement an ICT system for organizing, managing and monitoring both the conventional production of energy and the energy generated from renewable sources distributed across the territory. The purpose is to improve the energy efficiency and to develop renewable energies. The achievement of this goal will also allow the monitoring and subsequent optimization and integration in the system of other distribution networks, such as those for gas and water.

Research Objectives

  • Semantic Information Broker - semantic interoperability platform to collect information.
  • Modelling & Simulation - computation models and network simulators for distributed generation of energy through renewable sources.
  • ESM & DCS (Energy Smart Management & Decision Support Management) - energy information management.
  • Start Communication & Communities - Social Networks & Mobile Apps, communication and security protocols, Smart Energy Communities, Communities detection.
  • Smart Mobility - characterization of electric vehicles as storage and energy distribution systems and as systems for network coupling: V2G, V2H.

Experimental activities

  • The goal of testing activities is the modular implementation of a platform for a service center which serves the structure of technological-energetic urban networks, their operation and efficiency, their interdependence and their ability to provide services both in normal and degraded conditions.
  • Testing activities will be carried out with the involvement of the municipality of Catania on public buildings, industrial sites and rural areas.
  • On the sites will be installed devices to detect energetic information.
  • The functionalities provided by devices will be integrated with other relevant data provided by different local actors.
  • The implemented ICT platform will process data allowing a more efficient exploitation of energy with the prospective ability to foresee - also using renewable energy sources - a partial support of the electrical subsystem.